Tim Lenway and C.S. Mondelli Appointed to Braun Intertec Board of Directors

Tim Lenway , Braun Intertec Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer C.S. Mondelli, External Director for the Braun Intertec Board of Directors Braun Intertec, a Minneapolis-based engineering, consulting and testing firm with offices throughout the United States, is pleased to announce Tim Lenway, Senior Vice President at Braun Intertec and C.S. (Sal) Mondelli, a seasoned CEO, executive coach and consultant have been appointed to the Braun Intertec Board of Directors. “I am delighted to welcome Tim and Sal to our board of directors,” says Braun Intertec CEO, Jon Carlson. “Both men are accomplished leaders who will guide our company and...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Streamlining Environmental Compliance through Program Improvements

Do you find yourself scrambling throughout the year to complete regulatory reports or meet permit requirements? Whether it’s figuring out the why, what, when, where and how of annual regulatory reports or implementing permit conditions, having procedures in place to help streamline your environmental compliance needs can help you avoid missed deadlines, costly fines, and unexpected delays to production or a project. Follow the link below as W&M Environmental, a Division of Braun Intertec professionals Jennifer Adams, Vanessa Coleman, and Sarah Bibilonisambolin discuss how to create and implement successful compliance programs. Watch Now...

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Meet Our Geotechnical Engineers and Construction Materials Testing Consultants in Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont, Texas

About Our Team Strategically located along the Gulf Coast, the Braun Intertec Beaumont, Texas office houses 51 geotechnical engineers, construction materials testing technicians, environmental scientists and drillers. Many of the office leadership and senior technicians have worked together for the better part of 20 years and have built our Beaumont office from the ground up. We spoke with Bryan Landers, area leader of the Beaumont office to learn more about what makes his team special, the services they offer and what he sees on the horizon for Braun Intertec. What makes the Beaumont region unique?For starters, it would be the...

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EPA Repeal of 2015 Clean Water Act Rule: What’s Next?

Wetland delineation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced September 12 the finalized repeal of the 2015 Clean Water Act rule which expanded the definition of Waters of the United States (WOTUS) and limited pollution into surface waters of the U.S. through regulations and permitting. The EPA rule is now expected to cover fewer waterways and narrow existing protections, covering only wetlands adjacent to a major body of water, or bodies connected to a major waterway by surface water. Opponents of this rule have felt this repeal was long overdue and expect it will reduce federal permitting requirements for development and industry. History...

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Meet the Team: La Porte Office Spotlight

About Our Team Home to more than 30 engineers, technicians and scientists, our La Porte, Texas office first opened in May 2019, and currently provides geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and nondestructive examination services. We sat down with the La Porte Operations Manager, Kevin Williams, to discuss what services and expertise our La Porte office can provide to clients on the Gulf Coast, what sets the team apart from other engineering firms in the area, and our involvement in the community.  Why did we open an office in this area?La Porte is located in the center of the oil and...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Is Your Hospital Complying With RCRA Hazardous Waste Regulations?


Hospitals generate thousands of unique wastes and waste streams and often struggle with meeting regulatory compliance requirements related to RCRA Hazardous Wastes. Follow the link below to watch a recorded version of the webinar, hosted by W & M Environmental, a Division of Braun Intertec, with leading healthcare industry expert Darrell Oman to discuss regulatory compliance requirements for hospitals and commonplace issues in meeting requirements. Watch Now...

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Daniel DeJoode to Present at North Dakota Water and Pollution Control Conference

Water of the United States - river

Our very own Senior Scientist, Daniel DeJoode, presented at the North Dakota Water and Pollution Control Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota. Daniel talked about the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, relevant Supreme Court cases and the implications of the pending changes. What is (a) Water? The Evolving Definition of a Water of the United States Many of the most significant federal statutes regarding environmental protection and policy became law in the 1970s, including the Clean Water Act (CWA). Laws are not static, and changing perspectives, scientific understanding, priorities and political views all affect how these laws are implemented. While no...

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Why Site Redevelopment with Both Geotechnical and Environmental Engineers is Critical

Geotechnical and Environmental Consultants

Redeveloping property is often a thorny task. This is particularly true for sites with a history of industrial use which are frequently littered with uncontrolled fills, construction materials, abandoned structures and industrial waste. Now, imagine these materials scattered anywhere near or below the groundwater surface and you have a bit of a predicament on your hands. The steps you need to take next to address these impacts can be very costly. Some of the costliness is a result of uncoordinated environmental and geotechnical investigations which could have been avoided with the right project partners. In these scenarios excessive costs originate...

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Meet the Team: Tyler Office Spotlight

Who We Are The Braun Intertec office in Tyler, Texas is home to over 20 of our dedicated employee-owners who are eager to serve their clients in a variety of market sectors. Our Tyler office is supported by a nationwide network of employees and resources and currently offers a wide range of professional consulting services which include: Construction Materials TestingMaterials LaboratoryEnvironmental ConsultingGeotechnical Engineering Our talented team in Tyler is part of a greater network in North Texas and has a deep understanding of client’s needs in the area. This expertise allows us to work in a variety of market sectors...

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Darrell Oman Presents at 56th ASHE Annual Conference on Hazardous Waste

Darrell Oman, a Technical Director and Senior Environmental Consultant from our Saint Paul, MN office, presented at the 56th ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition in Baltimore, MD on July 16, 2019. Darrell, who has more than thirty years of consulting and management experience in the Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) field, presented on topics related to healthcare hazardous waste management, including: Regulatory compliance requirements for healthcare facility waste streams and waste stream management programs,Review recent Federal and State changes to Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste regulations,Environmental compliance program management approaches in healthcare facilities. Darrell has extensive experience in...

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