Employee-Owner Spotlight: Meet John Holman

We sat down with Senior Engineer John Holman, who works out of our La Porte, Texas office and specializes in deep foundations engineering to ask him a few questions on his background, expertise, and his time at Braun Intertec. Here’s what he had to say: What is your role at Braun Intertec and what do you specialize in? I am a Senior Engineer and I specialize in deep foundations engineering, construction materials testing, and structures evaluation. When I’m sent out on projects I verify that what is being built (buildings, bridges, oil and gas facilities, etc.) meets the geotechnical and...

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John Focht, PE, Joins Braun Intertec in Dallas as Senior Geotechnical Engineer

John A. Focht III, Senior Geotechnical Engineer at Braun Intertec Braun Intertec, an engineering, consulting and testing firm with offices throughout the United States, is pleased to announce John A. Focht III, PE, has joined the firm as a senior geotechnical engineer in northern Texas. Focht brings nearly 38 years of leadership, project management experience and technical expertise serving clients within the public and private sectors on geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and construction materials testing projects across Texas. He also has significant geotechnical engineering experience in Mexico and construction experience in Saudi Arabia. As a senior geotechnical engineer at Braun...

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Meet the Braun Intertec Construction Materials Testing Consultants and Geotechnical Engineers in Texarkana

Braun Intertec

Over the past decade, the city of Texarkana has transformed into a major transportation corridor thanks to the intersection of several interstate highways. This local transformation has increased demand for new business in the area, as well as the infrastructure required to support it. Braun Intertec, a geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and testing firm with locations across the Central United States, has had an office in Texarkana since 2015. With the support of our companywide resources, we can provide several professional consulting services to the growing Texarkana region, which primarily include: Construction Materials TestingGeotechnical EngineeringEnvironmental Consulting About our Team Our...

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Sean Kim, PE, Joins Braun Intertec in Houston

Braun Intertec, an engineering, consulting and testing firm with offices throughout the central United States, is pleased to announce Sean Kim, PE, has joined the firm as a senior geotechnical engineer in our Houston, Texas office. Kim brings more than 12 years of experience in geotechnical engineering as well as project management within the public, private and commercial sectors in Texas. “We are thrilled to welcome Sean to our employee-owner team at Braun Intertec,” says Braun Intertec CEO, Jon Carlson. “Sean’s depth of experience as a senior geotechnical engineer, project manager and mentor for up-and-coming engineers closely aligns with our...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Geotechnical Investigations: A Key Resource for Successful Parking Lot Projects

Pavement Consulting

Did you know that a properly implemented geotechnical investigation can enhance the design, construction and performance of your parking lot project? Inadequate investigations can reduce the service life, which can be costly to repair. Our very own Principal Engineer, Dan Wegman, discusses elements of successful parking lot projects and how to conduct a proper geotechnical investigation. In addition, we’ll cover parking lot basics, subgrade characterizations, stormwater drainage and much more.  Meet the Speaker Dan Wegman, PE Principal Engineer As a Principal Engineer, Dan is responsible for setting up project work scopes and consulting on all types of transportation and pavement...

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Kim Macy, SET, DBIA, Joins Braun Intertec in North Texas

Braun Intertec, an engineering, consulting and testing firm with offices throughout the central United States, is pleased to announce Kim L. Macy, SET, DBIA, has joined the firm as a Principal and the Regional Consulting Director for North Texas operations. Macy brings nearly 25 years of leadership and project management experience serving clients within the public and private sectors on environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing projects in Texas. “I’m incredibly pleased to welcome Kim to our team,” says Braun Intertec CEO, Jon Carlson. “With a strong reputation for being a trusted client advisor and developing collaborative teams,...

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Volunteering at Texas High School Civil Engineering Club

Civil Engineering Club

Randy Deatherage, a project engineer from our Arlington, Texas office, recently visited O.D. Wyatt High School in Fort Worth, Texas to present to the school's new civil engineering club. The new club is the first of its kind on the west side of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and will host weekly presenters from various civil engineering fields who will speak with the class about their engineering experience and lead the group in a hands-on activity. As the group's first presenter, Randy discussed his background with geotechnical engineering and led an activity with mechanically stabilized earth, which are commonly used in...

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New, Custom-Built Mobile Materials Laboratory at Braun Intertec

Mobile Materials Laboratory

Cost-efficient and convenient construction materials laboratory Whether it’s on the windswept North Dakota prairie delivering soils to test in -30F degree weather or analyzing pavement samples in the 115F heat of a scorching summer day on the Texas plains, we’ve got you covered. At first glance this sounds both miserable and impossible, but as our Materials Laboratory Manager Thor Stangebye informs us, neither has to be true when you’re working with the Braun Intertec Materials Laboratory. That’s because we custom build mobile laboratories for these exact conditions. “We asked people, ‘If you see anything we can do better with our...

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Meet Our Geotechnical Engineers and Construction Materials Testing Consultants in Arlington, Texas

Who We Are Home to approximately 25 geotechnical engineers and construction materials testing consultants in Arlington, Texas, our local team members offer a wide range of services to our clients. Arlington’s primary service categories include: Geotechnical engineering Construction materials testing Nondestructive testing Unmanned aerial systems Cone penetration testing Environmental consulting Drilling Currently, our Arlington office’s largest and most high-profile project is the new Texas Rangers Stadium, for which we are proud to provide construction materials testing and structural steel inspections. In addition, Arlington’s talented team has also worked on projects for the University of North Texas, City of Rockville, Fort...

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How to Conduct a Geotechnical Peer Review: Guidelines for Professional Engineers

Geotechnical Engineering

Have you been asked by your client to review your competitor’s report? It is an honor to conduct a geotechnical peer review and can be a critical step forward, or backward, in becoming the consultant of choice for your clients. This is a critical client touch moment, and as such it’s important to approach a peer review with the right mindset before proceeding. So You’ve Been Asked to Conduct a Geotechnical Peer Review Imagine that today you enter the office and your favorite client calls you to discuss a geotechnical report prepared by your competitor. They have some questions and would...

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