Meet Our Geotechnical Engineers and Construction Materials Testing Consultants in Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont, Texas

About Our Team Strategically located along the Gulf Coast, the Braun Intertec Beaumont, Texas office houses 51 geotechnical engineers, construction materials testing technicians, environmental scientists and drillers. Many of the office leadership and senior technicians have worked together for the better part of 20 years and have built our Beaumont office from the ground up. We spoke with Bryan Landers, area leader of the Beaumont office to learn more about what makes his team special, the services they offer and what he sees on the horizon for Braun Intertec. What makes the Beaumont region unique?For starters, it would be the...

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Braun Intertec Supports Engineers Without Borders to Build New School in Guatemala

Engineers without Borders - Guatemala

Ben Tanko, a geotechnical engineer from our Bloomington office, recently traveled to Guatemala with a group of engineers from Minneapolis/St. Paul to help build a school in a rural community. Ben is a member of the Minnesota chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB). EWB is a nonprofit organization that partners with communities in developing countries to help design, fund, and construct projects they need. Common projects that many communities request include new schools, water distribution systems, sanitary systems or bridges. Since March, Ben and the rest of the design team have been working on designing and funding a new school...

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Orlando Boscan Joins Braun Intertec in Austin, Texas as a Senior Engineer

Braun Intertec, a Minneapolis-based engineering, consulting and testing firm with offices throughout the United States, is pleased to announce Orlando Boscan has joined its Austin, Texas office as a senior engineer. Boscan has 17 years of experience working on geotechnical and construction materials testing projects. As a senior engineer in the Austin office, Boscan will lead development of the geotechnical engineering and materials testing disciplines and mentor junior geotechnical and field staff.  “I’m delighted Orlando has joined our growing team of employee-owners,” says Braun Intertec CEO, Jon Carlson. “His impressive background will strengthen our geotechnical engineering practice in Austin and...

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[OnDemand Webinar] How to Read a Geotechnical Report and Leverage Valuable Insights

Construction Materials Technicians

Do you ever struggle to make sense of the report your geotechnical engineering consultant just delivered? Geotechnical reports are highly technical documents that can tell you a lot about how to develop your project and what to be aware of during construction—but only if you know how to interpret the results. Tune in as two of our senior geotechnical engineers from the Braun Intertec Houston and Dallas, Texas offices as they dive into the complexities of understanding a geotechnical report. Learn more about: What is the purpose of a geotechnical evaluation report?What does a geotechnical evaluation include?How is the report...

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Meet the Team: La Porte Office Spotlight

About Our Team Home to more than 30 engineers, technicians and scientists, our La Porte, Texas office first opened in May 2019, and currently provides geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and nondestructive examination services. We sat down with the La Porte Operations Manager, Kevin Williams, to discuss what services and expertise our La Porte office can provide to clients on the Gulf Coast, what sets the team apart from other engineering firms in the area, and our involvement in the community.  Why did we open an office in this area?La Porte is located in the center of the oil and...

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Why Site Redevelopment with Both Geotechnical and Environmental Engineers is Critical

Geotechnical and Environmental Consultants

Redeveloping property is often a thorny task. This is particularly true for sites with a history of industrial use which are frequently littered with uncontrolled fills, construction materials, abandoned structures and industrial waste. Now, imagine these materials scattered anywhere near or below the groundwater surface and you have a bit of a predicament on your hands. The steps you need to take next to address these impacts can be very costly. Some of the costliness is a result of uncoordinated environmental and geotechnical investigations which could have been avoided with the right project partners. In these scenarios excessive costs originate...

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Meet the Team: Tyler Office Spotlight

Who We Are The Braun Intertec office in Tyler, Texas is home to over 20 of our dedicated employee-owners who are eager to serve their clients in a variety of market sectors. Our Tyler office is supported by a nationwide network of employees and resources and currently offers a wide range of professional consulting services which include: Construction Materials TestingMaterials LaboratoryEnvironmental ConsultingGeotechnical Engineering Our talented team in Tyler is part of a greater network in North Texas and has a deep understanding of client’s needs in the area. This expertise allows us to work in a variety of market sectors...

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Employee-Owner Spotlight: Meet Kevin Nicoletta

Kevin Nicoletta: Dallas Project Engineer Kevin Nicoletta is a project engineer who works out of our office in Dallas, Texas. We sat down with him for a conversation to learn more about his background, professional role and path to becoming a Braun Intertec employee. What is your role at Braun Intertec and what do you specialize in? I’m a project engineer and construction materials testing (CMT) project manager. I handle the day to day operations with CMT projects as well as some geotechnical report work. I also do some work on proposals and a bit of business development, but I...

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Meet the Team: Houston Office Spotlight

Who We Are Braun Intertec introduced itself in Houston, Texas in 2017 and has rapidly grown to offer a wide range of professional services and industry expertise. With the support of our nationwide employee network and technical resources, we provide professional consulting services which include: Geotechnical EngineeringConstruction Materials Testing and InspectionsEnvironmental ConsultingBuilding and Structure Sciences Consulting Services Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, with a population of more than 4.5 million throughout the greater Houston area. Due to its massive size and rapid growth, the city has a great need for infrastructure development and construction of...

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Braun Intertec Offers Educational Sessions to Clients

Educational Sessions speakers

A few of our employee-owners from our Texas offices recently stopped into EDI International's Houston office to speak about our technical specialties in environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and building and structures sciences. EDI is a global architecture, interior design, and planning firm that specialties in hospitality, residential and mixed-use projects. During the presentation, we covered several topics, including how environmental site assessments can assist your projects, how to read a geotechnical engineering report, what construction materials testing means to your project and important things to know about your building's performance. Our team is available to provide educational...

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