The 3 Most Common Deep Foundation Integrity Test Methods

Pile Integrity Tester deep foundation Kansas City

Successful projects all start with planning and design, end with construction, and include quality programs for every step. For successful deep foundation projects, that means quality control and assurance to validate design assumptions and determine if the deep foundation was installed as planned. To do this we perform integrity testing, which is a set of nondestructive tests that assist engineers as they evaluate the in-place condition of a deep foundation. What are the most used test methods for deep foundation integrity testing? Braun Intertec performs integrity tests most often on drilled, deep foundations since the act of driving a pile...

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Employee-Owner Spotlight: Ryan Drury, Senior Engineer, Bloomington, MN

We recently met with Ryan Drury, a senior engineer out of our Bloomington, Minnesota office to discuss his expertise in deep foundations and what it means to him to be an employee owner. Tell us a little bit about your background.I started as a co-op in 2007 working out of Bloomington doing concrete and soils testing. Once I got hired on full-time, I headed to our Milwaukee office. I was mainly doing special inspections work with Walmart.After a few years, I moved to the St. Paul, MN office and became a project manager and started working on the geotechnical side of...

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Exposed Drilled Soldier Piles for Permanent Foundation Walls

This article originally appeared in the August/September 2020 issue of Foundation Drilling Magazine The Archive, located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis’s Historic Warehouse District, is a 270,000 square foot apartment building consisting of six levels above-grade and three levels of below grade-parking. The 312 below grade parking spaces will provide public parking and service the 198 apartments in the building; providing considerably more parking than available to adjacent residences in this fast-growing hipster neighborhood. The North Loop name refers to the streetcar line that once served the area. Historically, the North Loop was an industrial area packed with...

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Deep Foundations Integrity Testing Webinar: An Undervalued Quality Assurance Test

Deep Foundations Integrity Testing Webinar

When: Thursday, September 24th @ 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (CDT) Where: GoToWebinar Deep foundations provide the key support for most heavy structures but how can you confirm your newly installed foundations will function as specified? The answer often is integrity testing, a critical, yet underutilized, test method for projects with deep foundations. Integrity testing is valuable for any kind of deep foundation project which can include, high rises, bridges, transmission poles/towers as well as docks and wharfs. These projects often present numerous factors which can influence the type of integrity test best suited for the project from soil resistance,...

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Meet Our Engineering, Testing and Environmental Consultants in Austin, Texas

Austin Texas Geotechnical Engineers and Environmental Consultants

Get to know the team We virtually met with two members of the Braun Intertec team in Austin, Texas, Trevor Armstrong (Field Operations Coordinator, Construction Materials Testing) and Sarah Thompson (Group Manager, Permitting and Compliance) to learn more about the culture in our Austin offices, the work they do with our clients and how our Environmental Consulting and Engineering and Testing divisions collaborate and support each other’s projects. The Braun Intertec team in Austin consists of approximately 20 environmental consultants, engineers and construction materials testing technicians located across two offices. Early next year, they will combine into one office location....

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Employee-Owner Spotlight: Chris Calhoun, Project Engineer, La Porte, Texas

We met with Chris Calhoun who recently joined the engineering and testing team in our La Porte, Texas office to discuss his expertise in deep foundations and how he started his career path in geotechnical engineering. How did your start on your engineering career path?I first went to school not necessarily knowing what I wanted to do. I spoke to my advisor and ultimately decided on the civil engineering path. At first, I concentrated more on the structural engineering side, but when I got out of school, I started a job in geotechnical engineering and the rest is history! What...

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Sulfate and Chloride Soil Corrosivity Testing Services in Texas and Beyond

The Braun Intertec materials laboratory in La Porte, Texas has established a set of corrosivity tests for chloride and sulfate ions, PH and resistivity testing in soils and concrete with rapid test turnaround times—often in as little as 48 hours. Soil Corrosivity Testing Corrosivity tests are often run as part of a larger suite of geotechnical soils properties tests during the preconstruction phase of a project or to account for corrosion control measures required on an aboveground oil storage tank, important structure or pipeline. In addition to PH and resistivity testing, the added corrosivity testing capabilities follow ASTM guidelines for...

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Braun Intertec Welcomes New Co-ops!

In Mid-May, Braun Intertec and a team of experienced employee-owners extended a warm welcome to this year’s co-ops. This year, Braun Intertec has more than 50 co-ops joining us in Texas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Braun Intertec Co-Op Program Overview The Braun Intertec co-op program was created more than ten years ago and has evolved ever since. The co-op program is a six-month paid internship which allows currently enrolled students to gain industry experience with our engineering and construction materials testing group.  Before the program kicks off, we recruit and interview students from more than 30 different colleges...

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Tom Posey, PE, Joins Braun Intertec in Houston, Texas

Tom Posey, PE, Technical Leader at Braun Intertec Braun Intertec, an engineering, consulting and testing firm with more than 35 offices in seven states, is pleased to announce Tom Posey, PE has joined the Braun Intertec team in Texas. Posey brings 25 years of experience consulting on national and international commercial infrastructure and industrial projects and expertise within construction materials testing, field exploration, laboratory testing, geotechnical engineering design and analysis, QA/QC and project management. “We are thrilled to welcome Tom to our team of employee-owners at Braun Intertec,” said Jon Carlson, Braun Intertec CEO. “His engineering and testing expertise as...

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Braun Intertec Ranks 98 on ENR Top 500 Design Firms List

Geotechnical Engineer

Braun Intertec, an engineering, consulting and testing firm with more than 35 offices in seven states, is pleased to announce ranking 98 on the Engineering News-Record (ENR) Top 500 Engineering Firms list. Ranked 117 in 2019, this ranking on the ENR Top 500 reflects significant expansion in our commercial, industrial, oil and gas as well as transportation markets throughout Texas and nationwide. “As an employee-owned company, our culture is the main driver of our growth and success. Our latest ranking on the ENR Top 500 represents the commitment and focus of our employee-owners,” says Jon Carlson, CEO of Braun Intertec....

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