What Does “Air Help” Really Mean?

We encounter many questions when it comes to air: What might one mean when they say air?  Is your air a potential concern for your employees?  Is your air a concern for the environment?  Are your processes or daily activities at your facility emitting contaminants into the air?  Are you emitting too much contamination into the air?  Air means many things to many people – it surrounds us all; we need it to survive but it can also make us sick.  From an environmental perspective, “air help” can mean vapor encroachment or fence line monitoring.  From a permitting and compliance...

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Using the Right Tools for your RPM/PSM Hazard Assessments

Process Hazard Analysis

At Braun Intertec, our consultants practice eight non-negotiables that are the core of our safety program.  These eight non-negotiables are to be followed at all times to ensure that our employee owners have safety at the forefront of what they do.  These non-negotiables lay the groundwork for daily operations and are designed so that if, at a minimum, they are followed, there is a high likelihood of completing the job at hand safely. One of the non-negotiables is “use the right tool for the job”. It’s short, simple, to the point, and applicable to each of the various Braun Intertec service lines. This...

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