PSM/RMP: Exceptions to the Rule

2020 has necessitated change and adaptability on many levels. To abate the many risks posed by the pandemic, many facilities have started to explore additional service lines or processes, which means an entirely new set of equipment, chemicals, and employees. These additions create an additional set of hazards to mitigate in the workplace. If your businesses pivoted manufacturing practices earlier this year, you may now be faced with the dilemma of installing and implementing new processes at your facility associated with the storage of flammable liquids. Do you know if you have the appropriate permitting or programs in place to...

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Using the Right Tools for your RPM/PSM Hazard Assessments

Process Hazard Analysis

At Braun Intertec, our consultants practice eight non-negotiables that are the core of our safety program.  These eight non-negotiables are to be followed at all times to ensure that our employee owners have safety at the forefront of what they do.  These non-negotiables lay the groundwork for daily operations and are designed so that if, at a minimum, they are followed, there is a high likelihood of completing the job at hand safely. One of the non-negotiables is “use the right tool for the job”. It’s short, simple, to the point, and applicable to each of the various Braun Intertec service lines. This...

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