Tier II Reporting: What You Need to Know This Reporting Season

Hazardous Waste

Tier II reports, i.e. Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory forms, are forms businesses with hazardous chemicals need to submit each year. These reports help communities plan and respond to emergencies and help various state and local agencies understand the risks posed by materials in facilities. Failing to comply with Tier II requirements can be costly to your organization, which is why it’s important to carefully review your facility and determine if you need to submit a report. With the March 1st reporting deadline fast approaching, this post will cover what Tier II reporting is and how to determine if you...

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Next Generation Reporting: Mobile Solutions for Field Data Collection

Geotechnical Engineer

Challenges to Field Data Collection Imagine you are on a construction site collecting data for a soil density test or a concrete test and then need to manually write down all of the field data you collected to complete the daily report. In the construction material testing industry, a real challenge can be the delay between the time the test is performed and final reporting to clients. Traditionally, field technicians who performed field testing and observations also recorded the results, completed paper daily reports and then would have to wait until they got back to the office to input the...

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