Property History: What to Know Before Buying

environmental concerns

When you purchase a property, you are also buying its history. Historical activities that occurred on or adjacent to a property often leave hidden contamination or buried debris in the subsurface. Learning about these environmental issues during construction is too late. Conducting a thorough environmental assessment prior to purchase can help avoid a risky property and assist in modifying the budget to account for these potential problems. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment includes a review of historical records including former owners and land use, old aerial photographs, maps, records of environmental sites in the vicinity as well as a...

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What Lies Beneath? Subsurface Investigations and Recommendations

Subsurface Investigations

It’s amazing what you can find when you start digging in the dirt. On the surface of parking lots and greenspaces, there’s usually little evidence to suggest that anything is amiss. But hidden deep within the subsurface you’ll often find residual contamination from buried structures, storage tanks, or previous site activities. Finding this out during construction or redevelopment can quickly lead to costly delays, worker safety concerns, as well as additional management and disposal fees that were not included in the initial budget. Similar to geotechnical investigations, it’s important to conduct appropriate environmental due diligence activities prior to construction. Due...

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