Environmental Reporting – Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act

In our environmental reporting blog series, we have already discussed how to leverage reporting requirements into better business outcomes and how to prepare for Tier II, TRI, and hazardous waste reports. In this third installment, we will discuss reporting under the Clean Air Act (CAA) and Clean Water Act (CWA) with a focus on air emissions inventory reports and stormwater permit annual reports, and steps to take to efficiently and successfully complete these reports. Clean Air Act  Air Emission Inventory Reporting Regulatory Background There are several types of reports that may be required under the Clean Air Act (CAA) or by your local air...

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Winter is Coming: A Quick Guide for Your Stormwater BMPs in Cold Climates

Stormwater BMP

The leaves have changed and snow is beginning to fall in several places across the country. By this time, construction projects are frantically trying to wrap up grading, landscaping, and other outdoor tasks. But is your project overlooking a big stormwater task during this season? As we know, northern winters in the U.S. can be brutally cold, snowy, or mild with little to no snow. Preparing your site to handle the winter will greatly reduce your stormwater best management practice (BMP) maintenance and allow a quicker return to work come spring. Here are a few tips and tricks project owners...

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From Planning to Reality: Delivering and Constructing Transportation Projects

My favorite shows to watch on television are home renovation programs.  You know the shows where a young family buys the worst house on the block and the entire episode features them turning this house into their dream home? Most of these episodes are highly dramatic. The couples is in the middle of renovating and find out that they don’t have the proper permits or they start opening the walls and find surprises like bad wiring, leaking plumbing, or asbestos.  Because of these issues they are now overbudget, delayed, and now must live in their parent’s basement for another couple...

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