MPCA Announces Vapor Intrusion Stakeholder Advisory Group

In March 2018, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) announced the formation of a Vapor Intrusion Stakeholder Advisory Group to provide input to the MPCA as they develop its best management practices (BMPs) for vapor intrusion mitigation of commercial and industrial properties in Minnesota. The Stakeholder Advisory Group is comprised of individuals from several affected industries including commercial real estate and redevelopment, non-profit organizations, commercial lenders, grant agencies, legal firms, state agencies and environmental consultants.  Kaitlin Thell Ouverson, a project engineer from Braun Intertec, was invited by the MPCA to be one of three people to represent the environmental consulting...

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Is Your Building’s Insulation all it’s Cracked up to be?

Building Insulation

If a building lacks appropriate insulation, simply adding more can create problems for material durability as it causes exterior walls to go through more freeze-thaw cycles. To further complicate matters, if humidity levels are elevated on the interior of a building due to the activities going on inside, the walls and roof will soon exhibit staining, damage, and deterioration. It’s important to understand the dynamics between walls, existing insulation, and new insulation, as these can all cause a dew point to occur. In order to appropriately prevent condensation, mold and deterioration of wood and steel, insulation and a strategically placed...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Mitigation of Vapor Intrusion in Large Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Mitigation of Vapor Intrusion

Mitigation of potential organic vapor migration into buildings has become a requirement in many states to protect occupants of buildings located near contaminated soil and groundwater, including Brownfield sites undergoing redevelopment. Complete the form to watch our free webinar where we will discuss design and operation of passive and active vapor mitigation sub-slab ventilation systems (SSVS). We will provide examples of system design and construction components and operating data for several existing systems located in the Minneapolis and Milwaukee metropolitan areas....

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[OnDemand Webinar] Vapor Intrusion: How a Building Works and Breathes

Vapor Intrusion Webinar

Watch a recording of our vapor intrusion webinar. Our webinar will strengthen your knowledge on building sciences with a focus on ventilation systems, design and operation that impacts the environmental vapor potential in a building.   Our presentation topics include: Understanding how building air movement works What can effect the movement of vapor through a building  How air moves through a building  Considerations when designing ventilation and vapor mitigation systems Different forces that affect air movement...

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