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TCEQ Hydrostatic Test General Permits Require Renewal by July 6, 2020

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) reissued the Hydrostatic Test Water General Permit TXG670000 on March 10, 2020. The Permit authorizes discharges into water in the state resulting from the hydrostatic testing of equipment, piping and vessels involved in the processing in natural gas liquid extraction and processing plants, refineries, petrochemical manufacturing plants, and gas compressor stations. This includes:

  1. New vessels;
  1. Existing vessels that contain or previously contained or transferred raw or potable water, where the water used for hydrostatic tests does not contain corrosion inhibitors, antifreeze compounds, biocides, or other chemical additives (except chlorine or tracer dyes);
  2. Existing vessels that previously contained only elemental gases (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.); and
  3. Existing vessels that previously contained petroleum product or waste related to petroleum products.

Permittees that are currently authorized under the Hydrostatic Test General Permit No. TXG670000 must submit a renewal application by July 6, 2020 and failure to do so will result in authorization expiration.

Discharges from the hydrostatic testing of existing equipment, piping, and vessels associated with chemicals and material other than natural gas, oil, petroleum and petrochemicals qualify for coverage under individual industrial wastewater permits.

Please visit this link for the TXG6 Issued Permit, Fact Sheet, and Notice of Intent.

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