Introduction to Retention Walls: Select the Right System For Your Next Project

When: Thursday, December 17th @ 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (CDT) Where: GoToWebinar Whether you are working on a transportation project or a new building development downtown, temporary retention walls are critical to the safety and stability of many projects. While you will likely hire a consultant to design your next support of excavation system, as a project owner do you know the basics of retention wall selection and their installation? Are you familiar with the common problems project owners encounter and how they can be avoided with the right advance planning? Join us as our retention wall expert, Jeff...

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Wood-Framed Buildings Webinar: Design and Construction Challenges You Need to Know

When: Thursday, December 3rd @ 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (CDT) Where: GoToWebinar Due to unforeseen circumstances the live webinar broadcast for “Wood-Framed Buildings Webinar: Design and Construction Challenges You Need to Know” has been rescheduled for Thursday, December 3 @ 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (CDT).If you've already registered for this presentation, no action is required if you'd like to attend the new date. Please keep in mind even if you’re unable to make the live December presentation, signing-up for the new date will ensure we send you a link to stream a recording of the broadcast and a copy of...

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Soil Compaction Fundamentals Webinar: Understand the Science Behind Soil Testing

Intelligent Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is vital to almost every construction project but sometimes is an overlooked service. Improper compaction methods can lead to unwanted maintenance costs or even failure of structural elements. Understanding the science behind soil compaction can help you identify potential issues which can arise during this phase of construction. Is the soil too wet? Is the correct Proctor being used? Is the proper equipment being used for this soil type? Watch our recorded webinar to take a closer look at the fundamentals of soil compaction and testing with Braun Intertec geotechnical engineering experts, Tom Posey, PE and Ben Butler,...

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Deep Foundations Integrity Testing Webinar: An Undervalued Quality Assurance Test

Deep Foundations Integrity Testing Webinar

Deep foundations provide the key support for most heavy structures but how can you confirm your newly installed foundations will function as specified? The answer often is integrity testing, a critical, yet underutilized, test method for projects with deep foundations. Integrity testing is valuable for any kind of deep foundation project which can include, high rises, bridges, transmission poles/towers as well as docks and wharfs. These projects often present numerous factors which can influence the type of integrity test best suited for the project from soil resistance, material properties (strength, density, etc.), reinforcement within the deep foundation, and the length...

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Concrete Pavement Specifications Webinar: Common Issues to Avoid

Concrete and Pavement Specifications

Are you looking to improve your next project’s concrete specifications to avoid common issues that come up during construction? Material specifications and reinforcement design is one area where projects often stumble and there are several common issues we routinely observe which you can avoid with changes to the initial project specifications for concrete.  Watch the recorded version of the webinar as our expert, Alf Gardiner from the Minneapolis, Minnesota Braun Intertec office, provides guidance available for concrete pavement design specifications which can help keep your next project on track. Gardiner has worked in the concrete industry for more than 20...

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Computed Radiography vs. Traditional Film Radiography Webinar: Is Your Operation Ready to Transition?

Computed Radiography

Do you know if Computed Radiography is right for your operation? With the right set of tools and knowledge, the transition from traditional film to digital is more straightforward than you’d think. With computed radiography rising in popularity, fabricators, constructors, foundries, and manufacturers are learning the value of qualified NDT technicians to implement the cost-saving computed radiography processes. Watch the recorded version of the webinar as our NDT experts, Ken LeBlanc and Wesley Soape from the La Porte, Texas Braun Intertec office, dive into the benefits of computed radiography. Learn more about: The difference between traditional film radiography and computed...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Stadiums and Vertical Structures Webinar: How to Get the Most out of Your Next Structural Steel Inspection

Do you know how to efficiently integrate a high-caliber structural steel inspection group into the construction of your next vertical structure or stadium? Special inspectors who maintain ICC certification in areas such as structural steel, welding, bolting, and fireproofing are a trove of information and, if well integrated into your project team, can help save time when questions arise during construction or spot issues that would affect the performance or safety of a structure. Watch as our best-in-class structural steel inspectors, Pat LaPlante, ICC-certified inspector and ASNT NDT Level-II and Taylor Carlson, ICC-certified inspector and ASNT NDT Level-II, whose experience...

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[OnDemand Webinar] How to Leverage Building Enclosure Commissioning for High Performance Structures

Building Sciences

Building enclosures are more complex and less forgiving than ever before. From assembly in the field under any weather condition to tradespeople who report to different contractors assembling the structure with minimal oversight, the list of variables that accompanies the construction of a structure is lengthy. When it’s all said and done, how can you verify the finished structure, enclosure systems and the systems’ installation will meet the project requirements? Watch as our building enclosure commissioning expert, Andre Lehr from our Houston, Texas office, dives into building enclosure commissioning and what architects, contractors and project managers should keep in mind...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Nondestructive Examination Insights for Certified Welding Inspectors that Save Time

NDE for CWIs

As a certified welding inspector (CWI) do you know how to evaluate the quality of the nondestructive examination (NDE) performed on your project? Do you know if the best NDE method has been used? While it isn’t critical a CWI understand every nuance of an NDE method to determine the quality of the NDE provided—you do need some insight into the fundamentals. In this presentation, NDE experts, Ken LeBlanc and Wesley Soape from our La Porte, Texas office, discuss the fundamentals of nondestructive examination and what every CWI should know to properly leverage the value of NDE in their day-to-day...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Crane Pad Design: Small Details That Can Make Or Break Your Project

Crane Pad Design

How much thought did you give the last crane pad design on your project? Did you confirm its design was both reliable while also meeting project requirements? The foundation design of a crane pad is vital to a safe and effective project but even one small, unaccounted-for variable can leave a crane vulnerable to toppling, collapse or other unsafe conditions. Watch as John A. Focht III, PE, our South Central region Technical Leader and Project Engineer, Randy Deatherage from the Braun Intertec Dallas, Texas office as they discuss the complexities of designing a safe crane pad whatever the terrain; answer...

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