Will Increase in Drone Use for Real Estate Due Diligence Affect the Industry?


As effective tools for collecting data, improving safety, and increasing efficiency, drones have been increasingly used in the real estate, insurance, and retail applications (with giants like Amazon and Walmart competing to be the first to roll out air deliveries). Earlier this year, ASTM International published F3411-10 (Standard Specification for Remote ID and Tracking) to meet the need for a standardized identification and tracking system for the unmanned aircraft systems. The commercial use of drones has expanded due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and has fundamentally changed the way business is being conducted, particularly in the due diligence process in large corporate mergers & acquisitions...

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From Planning to Reality: Delivering and Constructing Transportation Projects

My favorite shows to watch on television are home renovation programs.  You know the shows where a young family buys the worst house on the block and the entire episode features them turning this house into their dream home? Most of these episodes are highly dramatic. The couples is in the middle of renovating and find out that they don’t have the proper permits or they start opening the walls and find surprises like bad wiring, leaking plumbing, or asbestos.  Because of these issues they are now overbudget, delayed, and now must live in their parent’s basement for another couple...

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